Charlie cole

Writer - Photographer - editor


I am an emerging writer who both defies and embraces niche. My work covers an expanse ranging from personal essays, poetry, fiction, cultural analysis, and even those pieces that fit somewhere in between.A portfolio of my writing can be found on Medium (@charliecole) which is linked to at the bottom.You can find my work in places such as Gamut Magazine, ZiN Daily, the Horror Writers Association, and Snowflake Magazine. I am also on staff at Cream Scene Carnival Magazine. When I am not tip-tapping away I can be found watching some pretentious arthouse film, baking, painting, and marveling that I'm doing all of this on a literally spinning rock.


If you are interested in reaching out for jobs, collaborations, keeping up with me, or other opportunities please check in with me on my socials. All of them are linked below.Portrait created by Sean Kirkpatrick